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Table Of Contents
  • The Cancellation Policy
  • Refund Policy

The Cancellation Policy

We shall accept cancellations of orders, but with cancellation charges and related costs. For example, if you cancel an order that we haven't started working on already, we shall only deduct a small cancellation fee. If our experts had started working on the order, we shall deduct an amount we think is equivalent to the work is already done, plus the cancellation fee. However, we treat orders with 24-hour deadline periods as urgent, and such cannot be canceled. Otherwise, cancellation requests made beyond agreed-upon periods are strictly null and void.

Refund Policy

You qualify for refunds on orders according to the conditions stated. However, we seldom receive refund requests, courtesy of our prompt and stellar-quality services that go beyond your expectations to exceed deadline expectations. In fact, this money-back guarantee exists as a result of the confidence we have in our services. Otherwise, feel free to forward to us your qualified refunds alongside the reason for the refund via the customer care desk. We need such reasons to evaluate your perception of our services, which we use to improve.

Conditions For Which We Accept Refund Requests

1. When no service is delivered at all, we guarantee you a refund.
2. We also guarantee refunds in cases where the wrong service was delivered despite clear instructions from our clients.
3. When the client scores low grades (for example, below 49.99%), we shall offer a 50-percent refund.

Conditions For Which We Do Not Accept Refund Requests

1. When you (the client) ask us to cancel an order past the periods mentioned in the cancellation policy, we shall not process your refund request.
2. You must always specify your reason for the refund to us. If the reason isn't clear enough, we shall not execute your refund process. Once the reason is clear and genuine, we won't hesitate to refund your money. Please note that we hunt for such reasons so that we can use them to better our services.
3. When the client changes his/her mind on the original requirements of the order, we won't take such a valid reason for a refund. Changing the instructions for working on a task calls for paying for a new order.
4. If you ask for a refund past the aforementioned money-back guarantee period, we shall not consider the repayment.
5. If you sent only a fraction of the instructions for working on your order, we shall not bear any responsibility for the mistake. Our experts will work on the order with the provided instructions alone. We also don't welcome sending instructions in bits. In such cases, we won't accept refund requests.
6. When the customer comes up with his/her personal grading system to claim a failure, we won't consider it as a genuine reason for offering a refund. We only use conventionally accepted grading systems.
7. Revisions requested later than the agreed time shall not attract any refunds.