Help with SQL Assignment Tips: Books to Grow Your SQL Skills

  • The Manga Guide to Databases

This is one of the simplest books on Databases and SQL. It is fun and interesting to read because it is more of a comic than a traditional book. The basic concepts of a database are presented through a magical kingdom called Kod. The princess of this kingdom has to learn all about normalization, relational databases, and SQL. This simple book starts by introducing the importance of databases. All the concepts of the modern RDBMS system relational theory and the basic database types are covered in this book. In addition, there is also an introduction to Data Manipulation Language (DML), Data Definition Language (DDL), and Transaction Control Language (TCL). The Manga Guide to Databases also tackles some elementary database administration tasks such as replication and backups. This book is suitable for novices.

  • Head First SQL

This is a line of O’Reilly books that gives a nice introduction to SQL. The series treats the reader as a learner and makes use of the latest research in cognitive science, educational psychology, and neurobiology to help students grasp the material. Here are some of the learning principles featured in the book:

  1. Visual learning
  2. Use of conversational writing style
  3. Emotional impact
  4. Having the attention of the learner
  5. Making the learner think deeply

Head First SQL makes use of a number of pictures, mind maps, and diagrams to achieve this. This book is purely SQL. So do not expect an introduction to database administration. Unlike in the Manga book, you will be equipped with a bit more SQL knowledge.

  • SQL for Smarties: Joe Celko

This book is considered one of the most popular books on SQL. The SQL for smarties has stood the test of time and is in its fifth edition. Joe Celko, a renowned and household name in the SQL world is the author. Joe contributed to the SQL-89 and SQL-92 standards during his 10 years stint at the ANSI/ISO SQL Standards Committee. There is no better way of broadening your SQL language than learning from the man who wrote the language. Although the book is 900 pages long, it has all the materials you need for SQL. In the introduction, Joe Celko states that Smarties is for those students who are already familiar with SQL but want to pick up some advanced knowledge, programming idioms, and techniques in SQL. Be ready to dive into every aspect of SQL programming.

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