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Describing the Survey Design to R
  • Creating replicate weights for a design: as.svrepdesign()
  • Database-backed designs for large surveys
  • Full description of multistage surveys
  • The usual ‘with-replacement’ approximation
  • Svrepdesign()
  • Svydesign()
Summary Statistics
  • Computing summary statistics and design effects.
  • Contingency tables: schism(), svyloglin()
  • Extracting information from result objects
  • Tables of summary statistics
  • Boxplots, histograms, plots of tabular data.
  • Scatterplot smoothers.
  • Strategies for weighting in scatterplots: bubble plots, hexagonal binning, transparency
  • Generalized linear models
  • Linear models
  • Proportional odds and other cumulative link models
  • Survival analysis

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