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  • Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

The terms of service are not meant to be unfair to either of us. It contains a few simple rules and guidelines that are always easy to abide by, and we seldom bump into customers that breach them. You don't have a reason to trespass us, and neither do we. So why run into one another unnecessarily?

General Information

Kindly peruse all our terms and conditions of use to the bottom line before starting to use our website (rprogrammingassignmenthelp.com). Continuing to use the website and its services is a clear indication that you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions of use. RProgrammingAssignmentHelp.com reserves the right to tweak or change these terms and conditions without notifying you. Therefore, it remains your duty to keep coming to this page for updates on the new terms.


As you create an account with us here at R Programming Assignment Help, you must see that all the information you provide is up to date, accurate, and complete in all aspects. Failure to comply with this is a breach of these terms, which shall amount to termination of our contract with you and losing your account.
You shall create a password to access our services, and protecting this password remains your sole responsibility. Sharing the password with a third party is blatantly risky, and you shall not attempt doing so. However, if you notice a suspicious security breach on your account, ensure you notify R Programming Assignment Help immediately.

Confidentiality Of Information

We shall regard all the information you share with us for service as confidential. Otherwise, we shall not treat any other information as confidential. Meanwhile, if you have information that you need us to display on the website, you are free to let us know so that we analyze it for fitness and give permission if it qualifies.

Limitation Of Liability

We do not guarantee the accuracy, performance, timeliness, or sustainability of the information you bump into on this site. This information may carry some errors and or inaccuracies to which we aren't liable to any extent as provided by the law. Agreeing to this information means that you accept to hold us free from all claims attached to the alleged breach of the terms as mentioned.
RProgrammingAssignmentHelp owns all the information provided here, including all the videos, text, and images. This ownership is protected by the law. Therefore, you are strictly not allowed to copy any information from the website without written consent from the company. In case you fall victim to copying such information without written permission, you shall be punished according to the dictates of the law.

Termination Of Service

As soon as RProgrammingAssignmentHelp agrees to work with you, our contract starts immediately. However, both of us have the right to terminate the contract. On our side, we can terminate the contract if it comes to our attention that you are using our services to achieve illegal goals. In so doing, the company will not commit to refunding you, and you will have your account blocked. If you also decide to terminate a contract that is in force, we will not liable to refunding you any amount.

Service Period

We (RProgrammingAssignmentHelp and you) shall mutually agree on the best time of service. We do not expect changes to this agreed-upon time until situations beyond our control intervene. While we are determined to see to it that we deliver all the services within the timelines, we expect you to understand us when extraordinary situations interfere with our prompt delivery.

Changes To Information

When a contract is in force, we do not expect you to make any tweaks to the original personal information that you registered with us. Doing so will interrupt the smooth delivery of service by our experts, and that may attract a fine of paying for the services afresh.