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How R Programming Assignment Help Handles Your Personal Data

We understand your worries about the security and privacy of your shared personal information. Therefore, we're obliged to let you know how we use it here at R Programming Assignment Help so that we remain transparent to you while abiding by the law. We shall discuss how we collect, use, protect, and store the data to keep it discreet and useful all the time in the next section.

Privacy policy

This privacy policy belongs to rprogrammingassignmenthelp.com. The policy will explain how we collect, use, and circumstances under which we can disclose your personal information. You are required to read this policy before engaging us in service delivery. Using our services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood all the privacy policy contents. If there are areas in this privacy policy that you do not understand, you are required to seek clarification from our customer care team. What is more, if you are not in agreement with this policy's contents, you are advised not to use this website or the contents provided in it.

Personal information

We collect the following information from you:

Information that you are required when registering for the service. This information includes your email address, full names, and any other communication means. Information about the different transactions that are carried out through our platform. Any other information that you may send to us. This collected information is used to fulfill our contractual obligation, delivering the agreed service. We also use the information we collect from you to notify you about changes in our policies and inform you about new services. We understand the sensitivity of personal information, and therefore we work hard to ensure that your information is safe. Note that we do not share your information with third parties unless it's a circumstance beyond our control.

Data security and retention

We are committed to protecting your information from unauthorized access. To ensure that your data is safe, you should also participate by selecting and protecting your password or the sign-in mechanisms you are using to access our services. Although we have put the best data protection mechanisms in place, please note that there are no methods of storing information on the internet that is completely secure.
We retain your information with us as long as your account is active. Otherwise, once you close your account, your personal information is automatically erased from our services. Data integrity is important to us, and we do anything possible within our means to ensure that all your information is safe with us.

Updating our privacy policy

We keep reviewing our privacy policy to ensure that it is up to date and captures all the current trends. By this, we mean that we can change or make changes to this privacy policy when we deem the changes necessary. Note that the changes can be made without informing you. Therefore, you are advised to keep on visiting his privacy policy section to update yourself on any changes that may have been made. Rprogrammingassignmenthelp.com does not restrict the number of times one can visit and read the pricy policy provided in this section.

Circumstances under which we can share your personal information with third-parties

As much as we try to keep your information away from third parties, there are circumstances under which we are obliged to share your information with third parties. Such circumstances include:
When the government requires your information, a government institution, or a court of law, note that there are circumstances when the government may ask for your information. Your information may also be asked for by a court of law as evince. There is nothing we can do to stop these institutions from collecting the information in such cases.
Some service providers. When we update our systems to improve our service delivery, our service providers may access your information. However, in such cases, the services providers are first required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. We also instruct them not to tamper or share the information they encounter.
Your personal information can be transferred to a third party should there be a merger, bankruptcy, or acquisition. In case such events are about to occur, we make all arrangements and efforts to ensure that we notify you before the activities occur. Should you want to close your account during such an event, then the information will not be shared.
Your information may be shared with third-party security provide for protection. If we notice a security breach, we may pass the information to our security provider to ensure that it's safe and not tampered with.


This website uses cookies. Cookies do not copy or share your personal information in any way. Cookies are specifically used to improve user experience. We, however, do not force our clients to use cookies. You have the option of accepting cookies or decline them. Note that we will continue delivering our services to you without discrimination whether you choose to accept or reject cookies. Cookies are, however, important because they help us know your preference on our website.

Children's privacy

Rprogrammingassignmenthelp.com does not conduct business with persons under the age of 18. This website is strictly for persons under the age of 18. In any case, should a person below the age of 18 want to use our services, someone over 18 years should supervise them. The supervisor should have read and understood our privacy policy and our terms and conditions.

Third-party links

On this website, you may find links to other websites. Note that if you come to a link belonging to another website on this one, you will be redirected to that specific website by clicking it. Therefore, should you be interested in using such a website, note that you are advised first to read their privacy policy to know how they use your personal information. Note that we have no control over other websites, and therefore we do not share a privacy policy. Also, we will not be held responsible for any losses incurred through the use of third-party websites.

Data is considered not personal data.

Note that information such as reviews and comments on our websites will not be considered personal data. Therefore such information will be scrutinized and published on our website for everyone to view. What is more, blogs sent to us will also not be considered personal information.